2017 water deregulation. Together, let's get you ready...

Are you ready to make the most of water industry deregulation? How can you benefit by shopping around?

Water Deregulation
We provide a tailor-made service that matches your needs perfectly

Our Water Management services cover every aspect of assessing, managing, maintaining and renewing your clean and wastewater infrastructure.

Water Management
Our water audits give you a unique overview of your entire water infrastructure

See how and where you use water as well as how much effluent you produce.

Water Audit
Switching to Kelda Water Services Retail is as quick and easy as it gets

We know how to make it happen more smoothly and with minimal risk of disrupting your everyday operations.

Easier Switching
We build strong relationships with all
our customers

Big or small, local or national, our firm belief in treating all our customers equal, is ingrained in our DNA.

Our Customers

If you value quality, integrity and partnership, we are exactly the kind of business you will want to do business with.

You might have heard of us already, or you could be new to the Kelda name. Either way, the key thing to know about us is this: with Kelda Water Services Retail it is never just about the technologies behind our solutions in water. It is about the structure, delivery and even the financing of those solutions, and about giving our customers a level of convenience they never knew was possible.

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Utility Services Mapping

We will carry out a comprehensive site inspection to gather data which then enables us to create a detailed plan showing the utilities you want to trace, including gas, electricity and telecoms cabling as well as water and drainage.

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Leak Detection

We understand that you can’t afford the disruption, downtime or damage that a leak could cause, so we also understand that we need to locate and fix your leak as quickly...

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Flow Monitoring

Flow Monitoring gives you clarity when it comes to seeing exactly how much water your site is using. As well as alerting you by text or email when issues arise...

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Changing Supplier

We appreciate that avoiding disruption is crucial for you, so we make switching supplier quicker, smoother and lower risk by knowing the rules and regulations inside...

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Water Audits

To give you the confidence that comes from knowing you are benefitting from the right solution and best possible value, our Water Management services always...

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